plywoods thrissur

plywood thrissur

plywood in thrissur

plywoods in thrissur

Verona Plywoods, Delivering you the best quality plywood furniture in Thrissur to make your home a dream home..

We are retail and wholesale plywood suppliers offering wide range of top quality plywoods,PVC plywoods,mdf woods,mica woods,veneer woods etc...A widely trusted plywood distributor in thrissur that each product is produced from the best material ensuring uniformity and international quality.

We believe in simplicity guided by innovation and this is reflected in each of our plywood products.This simple philosophy has been the cornerstone of all our processes and technologies. Thus we design and deliver not just anything but lifestyle statements synonymous to modern living.We continue to alter the Indian reality by completely redefining the very concept of living spaces with plywood interiors.

With its very own state of the art machinery and infrastructure , Verona has been producing the best for its customers.We offer more freedom to our customers by offering maximum options to choose from our wide range of plywood variants.

Our Vision is to deliver excellence and satisfaction to each of our valued customers.

We, Verona Plywoods are acknowledged as one of the leading retailers and wholesale distributers of grade one quality plywood furniture across India. We continiue to alter the Indian reality by completely redefining the very concept of plywood furniture and interiors to an extreme level.Each plywood furnitures are designed keeping in mind the contemporary style and trend.

Deliver grade one quality plywoods in affordable costs to our trusted customers. We promise retail and wholesale trade of the finest and trusted plywood suppliers in Thrissur. We’re most proud of having earned the wide range of valuable customers. We coordially invite you to visit our plywood shop and see the plywood magic in Verona Plywoods, the most trusted plywood dealers in Thrissur,Kerala,India!!

Our Products


The Largest Plywood dealers inThrissur.We have been providing the best quality plywood furnitures in Thrissur.

Plywood is a significant ideal material in furniture interiors .You are offered a vast choice of plywoods .Our plywood furnitures are eco-friendly, waterproof, weather proof, insect resistant brands and also durable.

Find here the variants of plywood Furniture in Thrissur at Verona Plywoods.

Veneer woods

If you're looking for wood veneer, you've come to the right place.

Learn about our beautiful, unique and custom veneers, suitable for any architectural specification .Verona Plywood offers decorative veneer woods designs for both residential and commercial uses.

Browse our collection of veneer wood designs here in Verona Plywoods

PVC Plywoods

PVC plywood is an exterior grade plywood specially made from selected species of wood.Providing you the best range of pvc plywoods from Verona Plywoods,the plywood suppliers in Thrissur.

Mica Woods

A leading manufacturer and supplier of quality plywood, mdf wood, mica woods ,pvc plywoods and veneer wood .

Decorate your interior spaces with exotic range of decorative mica woods by which offers a wide range of assorted designer sheets ...

MDF woods

MDF (medium-density fiberboard) is inexpensive, durable, and a good choice for many woodworking and carpentry projects.

The best mdf wood manufacturers in Thrissur,Kerala,India

We have an exclusive and elite selection of MDF wood designs distributing around the world to architects, interior designers, etc...